Burns Residents Gather!


Burns Residents Gather for their Rights Despite Government Intimidation.

For Immediate Distribution: Feb 3rd 2016

With support of the Coalition of Western States, the Center for Self Governance held in depth Constitution and self-governance training in Burns last week, following classes from Constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall, which brought together more than 300 in the rural community.

Burns residents have seen the result of government overreach in recent weeks and are seeking solutions to reign in government. Despite attempts from Harney County officials like Judge Steve Grasty to prevent educational meetings from occurring. Around 25 community members gathered for the in depth training.

C.O.W.S members continue work to bring facts to light and help communities stand up for their liberties.


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One thought on “Burns Residents Gather!

  1. I lived in a country where we fought a war against terrorists for 14 years they would put landmines in farmers driveways and blow their families up and while this was going on Jimmy Carter referred to these terrorists as freedom fighters and the US government gave the terrorists money supposedly for medical supplies. I am watching a full circle envelope and it would seem like the federal government is going to be met with freedom fighters of their own and the federal government is going to be terrorized like they have done all around the world. America chose to destabilize the Ukraine and cause the overthrow of an elected government of the people of Ukraine causing Russia a great deal of problems in their backyard. I am sure that Russia would be too happy to provide the resistance with weapons and explosives. I look forward to seeing how the federal government handles this problem that they have caused by terrorizing the landowners.

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